Monday, December 31, 2007

Catching Up!

I feel like I haven't posted anything recent in forever! We had a wonderful Christmas with my family! We shared so many memories and had a blast as we celebrated Jesus' birthday! It seems like Tripp changed overnight. He is crawling! He pulls up on everything and is still trying to figure out how to get back down. The crib mattress had to go down to the bottom notch...this made me very sad. When he sees David he says "da da". He is on the move!
While I was home, I got to catch up with some of my best friends. This is Tripp's first play date with Langley! Kate (Langley's mom) is one of my best friends from high school!
Milma on Christmas eve with her babies! The annual Richter/Whitaker/Sachs Christmas eve party at Frank Richters!
Tripp looking at his Santa presents. He LOVED his tickle me Elmo and his rocking horse that makes horse noises!
Ellie was more interested in Tripp then what Santa brought her. Uncle Cord was helping Tripp with his stocking. Tripp wanted a bite of his big, juicy orange (when Cord was a little boy, he read a Christmas book where a little boy gets a big juicy orange in his stocking..ever since then he has always gotten one in his stocking)
Saddler Elizabeth got a new pink leotard, ballet slippers, and jewelry from Santa....which she just had to put on.
Tripp is just showing off his new boots from Santa... they were in his stocking!Heather seeing Judson for the first time after they checked him...ummm she doesn't even look like she's given birth!
Happy New Year Baby Judson!


Courtney said...

Looks like yall had a very full and lively Christmas! Tripp is adorable! I hope Judson is doing better! Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

I love the recap - finally! Thanks for sharing. And, I am sad that I was not one of those "friends" you got to see. Maybe in the near future? Langley and Tripp are adorable! Anyway, a praise for little Judson. Keep us updated. See you soon!

The White Family said...

Hi Tegan, so great to see your growing family! The pictures of the kids with "milma" were too cute. Tell your mom and Cord I said hello. tyne

The White Family said...

Hey Tegan, one more thing... Does David still wear Olathe Boots? I remember seeing some on the groom's table at your wedding. My husband is the production mgr for Olathe Boots, Anderson Bean and Rios of Mercedes Boots. Just Curious! tyne

Una said...

Tegan I can not believe how much he has grown! Those lil boots are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing.


kflyingcircus said...

love the christmas pictures! looks like you had a wonderful holiday with your family! can you believe the boys are 8 months old already?

kflyingcircus said...

love the pictures - those boots are too cute - i can't believe the boys are 8 months old already! happy new year~!

Shannon said...

Hey Tegan! Samuel is now 9 months old . He was born April 9th, so Tripp and him are super close. I love this age. It's so much fun! How is Judson doing?