Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No news!

I'm simply posting today just so you all don't have to look at the Christmas recap anymore! I don't have anything fun to blog about so I will leave you with a picture or two. Just so everyone knows, Judson Sachs is home and doing well. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I will post some new pictures of Judson when I get some! Happy Tuesday!

I meant to post this picture in the Christmas recap. The kids were waiting at the top of my Mom's stairs to see what Santa brought them. We always had to wait on Mom and Dad to get the video ready! Sorry for the Christams picture!

Tripp had 6 new teeth come in all at the same time.....oh how fun that was! As soon as the teeth came in, he got an ear infection. So hopefully there will be more blogging to come in the near future! I will post some pics of Tripp's mouthful of teeth soon too!


kflyingcircus said...

teeth!!! jack is cutting 4 teeth on top, and i think he will have fangs before his front and center ones come in. he hasn't been a very happy boy lately so i can totally relate to you. just wait for the 1 yr molars!!! hope you are doing well! love the nudie buns picture. :-)

Callen Martin said...

Tripp is so adorable!!!! I am still trying to figure out how to download the pictures off my new camera of Tripp! Yikes!!! talk soon!