Sunday, December 19, 2010

Celebrating the Season...


We decorated the Christmas tree and guess who undecorates it every day...

Cullen enjoys taking the ornaments off the tree over and over again.
Cullen was so funny laying in the seat...totally chillin!
We love our Costco that was just built a mile from our house.
We visited Santa and asked him for a weed eater and a chainsaw:)

We wrote and mailed our letter to Santa at Macy's.

We made Christmas cookies with our cousins at Milma's.
Sweet pea smiles ALL the time and is a true joy to be around. He is 11 months old...can't believe he'll be a year old next month. He says Mama, Dada, Uh Oh, Bye, Ni Ni (Night, Night) and NO, thanks to Tripp teaching him.

Something New...and Old

Can't decide if I'm going to keep blogging. I just can't seem to keep up and I don't think anyone reads. Here's a run down of the last several months. Sorry it's lengthy!
Tripp started Preschool in September...

October was full of Halloween fun..
Cullen and Tripp became inseparable and Cullen can move and groove...
I'm training for a marathon with my friend Sharon. It's in Birmingham on Feb 13th

Both my babies were baptized...(obviously I NEVER edit my pictures and my camera STINKS)
November we spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and yes all of the above food was for three adults and two very small children:)

If you finished this post, thanks for sticking around. I will do a separate post on Christmas.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Cullen!

My dear friend, Ashley Turnbull snapped these pictures of Cullen while we were at my Mom's. She did an amazing job and I'm so thankful for the pictures!
These were just a few of my favorites!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

First of all, does anyone still read?
This is my little peanut...he's almost 6 months old and weighs 17lb. Yep, that's right, 17lb. He's my little chunk! He has lots of rolls.
We spent the past couple of weeks at my Mom's house (Milma) and we had an absolute blast. My brother and his family joined up for part of the time too. This is Cullen with his older cousin Josiah...Cullen has him on weight, Josiah has Cullen on length.
Tripp loves his baby brother and loves on him ALL the time!
Tripp and Judson have become best buddies.
The whole fam.
Cullen's first time in the lake...we start them early!
My wild and crazy three year old going down the!!!

Tripp could not take any more....he knocked out on the floor of the boat
The others decided to join him!
Sweet Boy!!
And I will leave you with this...Tripp in time out:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

To the Beach and Back...Again!

We went to the Beach with two of my childhood best friends and their families...when we were little girls, we talked about going to the beach with our families one day. We finally made that happen thanks to Georgi and Greg hosting our family and the Whites
We attempted pictures on the beach and got a few good ones. I love this one
My little sweet pea made it to the beach a few times, but thanks to the two wonderful babysitters that Georgi brought, he didn't have to
Tripp played on the beach for hours and he and his Daddy built a million sandcastles and dug tons of holes. He had a blast
James and Tripp were best buddies
Langley and Tripp had fun too
The view from our bed! The place we stayed was amazing thanks to Georgi and Greg for hosting. It truly was an amazing place
This was the espresso machine built into the wall that greeted me every morning
Love him
Kate with Sam and Me with Cullen (Kate was a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of my childhood best friends)
Georgi, Kate and Henry (Georgi's sweet pea) Georgi was my maid of honor and another childhood best friend
Sam and Cullen! It's hard to believe that we all have infants and we all have a three year old. It was such a fun trip and I miss being with these girls on a day to day basis. It was so good to be back together again
I love these two sweet peas! Poor Cullen was just happy to be along for the trip...I never got a really good picture of him, but he's pretty yummy regardless!