Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Isn't Normal!!!!

Yes, this is my almost ten month old with a golf ball in his mouth! The funny thing is, he kept in his mouth for a long time. I got worried and finally took it out of his mouth. Does this make me a bad mother...the fact that I let my child crawl around with a golf ball in his mouth! Dave told me it wasn't a good idea!

We went to Louisville this past weekend and stayed with Dave's sister and her family. On the way there, David had to make a stop to see a client. Tripp needed a break from his car seat, so he decided to take the wheel!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally Finished!

As most of you know, Dave and I moved twice during the course of my pregnancy and birth of my child. We moved from Washington D.C. to Richmond, VA and from there to Nashille, TN where we currently live. I started three separate nurseries for Tripp. I like most women, was very excited to get the nursery ready for the birth of our first child. Well, after three attempts, I finally finished! I've had his room done for the most part, but I was waiting on a few more pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were babies. I finished hanging the last picture today. Here are the pictures.

He'll Be Walking Soon...