Monday, May 19, 2008

Answer to Prayer...

I found my camcorder this weekend!!!! Thanks to all of you who prayed. I found it at my Mom's house in a drawer back in my bathroom. Tripp was playing in the bathroom and opened a drawer that I never use and there it was! I screamed! Anyway, here are some recent pictures that I just haven't had time to post.
This was my brother's outfit! I posted this for you Mom!
Tripp having lunch on the boat!
Chapman and Tripp, best cousins!!!!
Chapman's first birthday party a couple of weeks ago.
Tripp and Chapman playing together at his party.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aunt Lisa Rocks!

My sister-in-law Lisa took Tripp's one year old portraits this past week. She did an AWESOME job! I don't have all the proofs yet, but here is just a taste of her work.
Like I said, she does amazing work! These are just a few she emailed me...I can't wait to get the proofs of all of them. She will have a website up and running soon, so stay tuned on how you can reach her for appointments!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

He's Walking...

Don't ever let a potential choking hazard get in the way of a good video!!! At least I got his first "real" walking on tape. Notice at the end of the video the spoon jams down his throat...Nice!!! Again, excuse the poor video quality...still haven't found the camcorder. I'm thankful that my camera has recording mode.

Thanks Aunt Valerie...

Tripp loves his new car that Aunt Valerie got him for his birthday!

Tripp loves his green John Deere gator that Mimi and Papa gave him...I couldn't resist this shot.

Stay tuned for a video of my little walker...