Monday, October 27, 2008

Girl's Trip...Finally!

I am so blessed to have a mother-in-law that I love and sister-in-laws that I adore!!!! We finally got together this weekend in Chicago for a much needed girl's trip. Thanks to my precious mother-in-law who treated us to fine dining, a luxury hotel stay, and goodies along the way!!!!

Shopping , shopping and more shopping...
Fine dining!

There were many Starbucks stops.

And of course Chicago deep dish pizza! Notice the big fat platter of fried appetizers....yummy! And yes, I own a healthy bread company...everyone deserves a splurge weekend every now and then...right??!!!
Sweet Jennie! When we lived in Louisville, Jennie was my faithful running partner! There were many 5:30AM morning runs with her!
I love each of these girls for many different reasons. I can't imagine my live without them. Love you girls! Also, I have the BEST mother-in-law in the world. I am so blessed to have a mommy-in-law who loves me and treats me just liker her own. Love you Besty!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sending My Love...

As I checked my email tonight I realized Dave had forwarded me an email today. I nonchalantly opened the email and soon realized that it was an email that my Dad had sent me a few years ago. Dave was going through old email, found it and forwarded it to me. Not knowing who the email was from, you can imagine what happened as I read and realized who it was from. All of a sudden it was as if my Dad had just sent it to me he was still here! My eyes filled with tears and I had hurt in my heart that I haven't felt in a long time. The magnitude of missing him took my breath away. All of that to say, I want to share the email with all of you just so you can have a glimpse of the kind of man my Dad was. I haven't altered the email and HIS typos are still there. I love that about his email....he was a hunt an peck kind of typer. I can just see him using his two pointer fingers pecking out the email that would have taken me about one minute to type...taking him probably ten! This email was sent shortly after Dave had set him up a hotmail account...he titled the email "sending my love"

dear tegan, i tried to send you a little note last night, but kept having trouble!!!!!!!anyhow i'm going to try again. i just want you & david how much i admire your relationship with each other.i belive you are starting with a good foundation, especially because i know that Jesus isyoue true basis for a great marriage. just remember to take it one day at a time and do the bestlisten to each other. that is one thing i see that is so positive in your relationship, is both your desire to communicate. i love you both so much. DAD

It was as if God sent this email from heaven to me today. I needed this today, and my heavenly father knew it!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I wouldn't consider myself a regular blogger...I feel a bit of accomplishment if I just get some new pictures up every now and then. So here you go, new random pictures...

Tripp loves to be with his Daddy! He was helping Dave get some things out of the back of his truck!
Here we are at the sort-of-pumpkin patch. Okay, so it was in a church parking lot on the side of the road, but Tripp doesn't know the difference. At least we wasn't a planned tripWe didn't stay long, because Tripp thought it was fun to throw the little pumpkins....
We managed to squeeze in a haircut for Tripp today. I guess you could call this his first "real" haircut...meaning the first time I paid someone to cut it. This child has gotten his hair cut just about every other week since he was about three months old. His hair grows so fast. This cute little shop is a couple of stores down from our store. Tripp and I walked in today to get a trim. He loved sitting in the "pane" and eating cookies while watching a video. Much better then sitting on the front steps of our house while I use the kitchen scissors to cut his hair.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tanner & Tripp

Tanner (my mom's dog) and Tripp are best friends. Tripp LOVES Tanner! Check out this video! Turn your volume up!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Little Man!

Looking for "panes"! Wow, two posts in one night, that's big time for me. I've been a lazy blogger as of late, but I will try to do better. Tripp is getting so big. He's 17 months now and weighs about 25lb. He's a great little eater and loves all kinds of food. He eats all kinds of our bread products from the store. I think his favorite is the Basil Chicken salad on Cranberry Walnut Bread. He is big talker. He talks all the time...he's my first, but I think he says a lot of words for a 17 month old....or so I've been told. He loves to be outside. He goes to the front door multiple times a day and says "ouside". He loves airplanes. We live near a small airport and planes fly over our house several time a day. He open his mouth wide and points to the sky and say Plane...pronounced "pane"! We usually head to the airport on Sunday afternoons (Since Dave is a pilot, he's thrilled about Tripp's early love of planes) to let Tripp see the planes. They have a cool playground right next to the runway.

Enjoying a peach and chocolate chip muffin from the store...yummy!

As you know I don't scrapbook so I kind of use my blog to capture memories. Therefore I'm going to blog some for Tripp's favorite sayings:

*Anytime you hand him something or he gives you something he says "dere you go"-there you go

*He raises his little hand in the air and says "warrrrrrrr hey"-war eagle hey

*Dave calls him little man so Tripp says "yittle man"

*as mentioned above with his finger pointing to the sky "pane"-plane

*"tuck" -truck and "car"


*he signs all done with his hands and then says "dall done" -all done

*he says hi to everyone

*he signs please and says"pease"-please

*he says "get down" for getting up or down. We're trying to teach him to say up.

*he loves dogs and calls them either "doggy" or "puppy"


*as mentioned above "ouside"-outside

*Our business partners..."Mar"-mark and "inny"-Kenny


*"MeMe"-Dave's Mom,"Milma"-my mom, "Papa"-Dave's Dad, and I'm so proud to say that he recognizes my Dad in pictures and says "PopPop" and then procedes to kiss the picture...stop it....melt my heart!!!!!!

*And he says all the usual "mommy, daddy, uh-oh, tank ooh-thank you"

There's more that I can't think of , but I just wanted to document some of the cute things he's saying right now.

Happy Fall!

Beach Fun!

A couple of weeks ago Tripp and I made a last minute trip to the beach with my best friend Georgi! Georgi called me last minute and asked if Tripp and I wanted to join them. We literally packed that night and left the next morning. Dave had a lot of work to get done at our store, so Tripp and I headed to Seacrest Beach! Believe it or not, I haven't been to the beach in almost three years. I was so excited because I really wanted Tripp to see the beach for the first time.
Tripp and James playing in the sand. It was hard to capture a good picture of these two busy boys!
We were able to get some great pictures one evening on the beach!
Tripp LOVED the sprinklers!!!!
Thanks to Georgi's husband who came down at the end of the week, we had a girls night out at the Red Bar!