Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...(Christmas Tree Part 2)

We finally got our tree and house decorated last night! Here are some pictures for you to see!

This is my favorite part about our tree. It's obviously our tree topper. Dave and I have used this cross with the crown of thorns for our tree topper since our first Christmas together. It's a beautiful reminder of the reason our Savior was born.
It's so nice to shut the doors to our T.V. and just enjoy the fire in the fireplace and our Christmas tree.
Tripp loved the lights on the tree...which I'm sure contain lead paint!!! So much for enjoying that moment!

Before putting Tripp's P.J's on, we snapped some "hiney" shots by the tree! Oh, I could eat him up!

And Tripp filling up on some more lead paint.....don't freak Mom I stopped after this one!

One of my favorite traditions growing up was decorating our tree as a family! My mom gave us a new ornament every year with our name on it. When Cord and I got married, she packed up our ornaments so we would have something to put on our tree with our spouses. We still go home to help decorate my Mom's tree. My Dad is missed so much during this time. He loved decorating the tree and he always put the angel on top. Although I still love this tradition, it's just not the same without Dad.


Milla said...

Tegan, your tree looks beautiful...and Tripp is ADORABLE...Tripp your Milma loves you!!!

Ashley said...

Tegan, that comment from your mom is just like something Jane would say. I love it! Oh, and I am loving slowly but surely seeing pictures of your house, even if it's through the thickets of a Christmas tree. Ya'lls tree is gorgeous.

Callen Martin said...

your decor is gorgeous!!!! and i LOVE the "hiney" cute!!!

Jeana said...

hey tegan! it is such a small world- i saw your name on darby's blog and thought, i know a tegan! it looks like you guys are doing wonderful. congratulations on your beautiful little boy... what a cutie. and i'm so very sorry to hear about your dad- he sure seems like an amazing man and father....
we are back in louisville now. new york was a great experience but God has redirected our paths. may God continue to bless you and your family!
jeana montgomery