Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are There Any Safe Toys?

Is it just me or does it seem like every time you turn around there is another toy on the recall list? I was talking with my sister-in-law Heather about this. She said that a lady just took her 6 year old and 6 month old in for lead testing and they both had high traces of lead in their systems. Tripp is 7 months old and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. I don't know what is safe anymore. There are NO regulations on lead paint in other how do we know that any toys from other countries are safe? I'm scared to buy any toys from other countries, namely China. I've been told that lead paint is in candy wrappers, plastic, metal, and wood. It's everywhere!! I have several small toys that hook on Tripp's "stuff".. you all know what I'm talking about...and they are always in Tripp's moth. He loves to play with them. They hook on his stroller, car seat, johnny jump up etc. Am I making my child sick? My mom and I where in Target the other day and we started looking at the toys and where they are made, 99% of them are made in China. Does anyone else worry about this or am I over reacting? Seriously, I would love some input on the subject. I would especially love some toy ideas for Christmas that are safe. See the toys in this picture...these are the kind that are always in his!!!!


Courtney said...

i'm right there with you. i think all of the recalls are scary and i worry about the toys we own. we have so many plastic, made in china things that i'd love throw in the trash. mcm loves to put those ring things in her mouth too. i just think it's scary to rely on big corporations to monitor the safety of my child's toys when what's really important to them is not my child, but their bottom line - i.e. making things as cheaply as possible to maximize profit. i could really go off on this subject, but instead, i'll tell you there are tons of organic, toxin-free, made in the usa toys out there. they are often more expensive, but they do exist. just google "organic toys" or "organic toys made in the usa" and you'll find tons of baby things. in my opinion, the best thing we can do to get companies to make safer toys is to not buy them. i just wish i knew more about this before mcm was born.

Kitty Brown said...

Yikes, I really don't know, Tegan -- I do know that you can go to to check for recalls and other safety info.