Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Love my Family!

I was going through some old pictures and ran across these from last summer. These are three of my nephews, Harrison and Garrett Rice and Jeremiah Sachs. My family is so wonderful! I have been so blessed to have David's side of the family and my side of the family get along. We all don't just tolerate each other, we all actually enjoy each other's company. This is the summer my Dad passed away, and our family really spent some wonderful treasured moments together. I'm going to do a post soon about my Dad and the amazing man he was. I miss him so much and want to share with you all some of my greatest memories. But for now, enjoy these pictures of my family just being together!!!!!

This was the last family picture we have with all of us together! This was fourth of July 2006. My dad was still feeling okay at this point. He passed away a couple of months later. I will cherish this picture forever!

I LOVE this picture! My father-in-law is playing and singing while my Mom and Dad dance one last time! My dad was not feeling well at all, but could not resist dancing with mom. My dad loved to dance the "jitter bug"! Some of you probably don't even know what the jitter bug is! I know only because my dad always made me dance this with him!

What a fun day! We were all in the lake together!

I was so thankful that I was able to spend the entire summer at home with Dad. My amazing husband flew in EVERY weekend. We were living in Washington DC at the time. This day was awesome. There were several requests that my Dad had that summer. This was one of them. He wanted to go on one of his best friend's (Rocky Frazier) air boats. He had some of his property that he wanted to look at, but the water was to shallow for our regular boat. So, Rocky, Dad, and I headed out on the air boat! Dad had so much fun! On the days that Dad was feeling good, we took advantage of doing ANYTHING he wanted to!


erika said...

Tegan- What a beautiful post. My eyes are full of tears. What powerful, precious, priceless photos. Praise god for cameras...
thanks for sharing,

David Corrie said...

Those were great days, I wouldn't trade them for anything. For those of you that read this...never take for granted the time the Lord gives us, it is all borrowed time, so take full advantage of the time you have with family and friends.
Teg, love your blog...I'm keeping up with it...and living it too..haha:)

Ashley said...

Tegan - what memories of that last summer! Ya'll are so fortunate to have had that time with your dad, and we all know what a witness it was to our little town (and beyond). And you are right...so lucky to have families that have befriended each other. I want the Owens clan to expand like the Sachs-Corrie family has! Ya'll are such a blessing to us!!
PS. Is that DAVE posting a comment? Unreal!!

Tegan said...

Wow! thank you sweet husband, without you those memories wouldn't have been possible. You were working so hard and still made time to fly in every weekend. I couldn't have made it through last year without you. You're my rock and I love you! Oh, thanks erika and ash for those kind words. I am blessed!

Darby Stickler said...

Tegan! I love your blog and I love all these PRECIOUS and PRICELESS pictures! I can't wait to hear more about your dad!!!

whitney burrough akin said...

i also can't wait to hear more about your dad and your little family's life in nashville! what special people you have in your life...love your blog and thanks for sharing. talk soon. love you.

Kay said...

This is great stuff...I love your guts!