Friday, January 6, 2012

Blessings through this Holiday Season...

Tis' the Season...
Thanksgiving with my family! We spent the day at my Mom's house (rental) with my brother and his family. Mom's new house is being built and she should be in by summer. We are extremely grateful that God provided a rental house big enough to house all of us.

My niece, Ellie, organized, directed and was costume designer to a wonderful Thanksgiving play.
We even had an entire family horseback riding day. The little guys rode with Heather and I on the four wheeler while we followed closely behind the other guys. Jud and Tripp started out on the horses with their Daddy's, but eventually caught a ride with us.
Next came Christmas and we started the month off with non other than a Christmas tree from Costco!

I think all of the Christmas pictures speak for themselves. My little peanuts had a wonderful Christmas as we celebrated Jesus' Birthday.

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