Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

Let the festivities begin!

We carved pumpkins with friends.

Our scary pumpkins with our great friends, Ruth and Elias!
Terrible picture quality, but you get the times with our great friends around the fire pit.
I'm usually anti-scary costumes on Halloween, but when I saw these "PJ's" at Wally World for $6 bucks, I gave into Tripp's request to be a skeleton.
We had an awesome "front yard party" in a friends yard for Halloween. Everyone brought food and beverages. The perfect way to celebrate!
Cullen was a little confused about how this whole Halloween thing works. We gave candy to the elderly at the nursing home, but we are supposed to take candy from these people?? He wanted to give all his candy away...fine by me :)

We visited the nursing home near our home to hand out candy to the "sweet people". Tripp was so precious to all the men and women there. He loved handing out candy and dancing for them!
My brother even snuck in town for a quick visit. He took us to a yummy dinner at Fox Brother's BBQ. We missed the rest of the Sachs clan, but we'll take what we can get.

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