Monday, October 19, 2009

BIG news!

Not only am I getting bigger, but my little man is a BIG boy now! With less then 4 months to go before the next little man gets here, it was time to whip this monster into shape!!! Tripp is in his BIG boy bed now (since about the middle of September), and is officially in BIG boy underwear only! The BIG boy bed transition was honestly a breeze. He's been going to the potty for a while, but we took the plunge and are VERY consistent with only BIG boy underwear. We picked out all new undies (Diego, Elmo, and Handy Manny at the moment), read Elmo's potty book, and have our treat cup right above the potty. He's doing great! I figured better now then when the baby is here. We are so proud of our BIG boy! Here's a couple pictures of our BIG boy bed and our BIG boy underwear! The rest are random pictures from this summer. Is is too late to blog about summer???? Prayers with Daddy in his BIG boy bed!I went on a BIG girl trip this summer with my best friend Georgi. A 30th birthday treat from her hubs! Thanks to her sweet husband, the trip was free for me. Are you ready for this??? He gave us a trip to Puerto Rico to the Ritz Carlton! Talk about about a blessing!!!!! I didn't get a decent picture of the two us(well, one that Georgi would approve of considering she was 8 months preggo)! In other summer news, we visited Guntersville Lake several times and took a trip to Louisville to see Dave's family! These three were having the best time! Ellie, Saddler, and Tripp. Who knows what they were talking about??!
In Louisville, we stayed with Valerie (dave's sister). Tripp, Harrison and Garrett probably rode the Gator 3 hours of each day. They LOVED it! Tripp would have ridden all day if we would have let him. Garrett and Harrison have been driving the gator since they were Tripp's age, so I didn't worry a bit. When Tripp wasn't riding the Gator, he was swimming with his cousins. Don't ask me why I have about three pictures total of this trip. We saw 13 of Tripp's cousins, not to mention three aunts and three uncles, and I managed to get these two pics. Oh well, good thing we're going back for Thanksgiving...I hope!


Tyne said...

Tegan, what a great summer! I am super jealous of your trip to the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico... ugh-how wonderul that must have been. Love all the pics and I am so proud of you for getting your little man in big boy underpants!

brandyjones said...

Hey Tegan! Tripp just keeps getting cuter and cuter! High- Five to him for using BIG boy underpants and BIG boy bed! ;) Loved all the pictures, as usual. Would love to see some of your cute 'lil belly {is that weird?!lol}. And what kind of ideas dre you thinking about for the new little one's bedroom? Keep us posted! God bless you ALL :)

Leigh Ann said...

Hey Tegan Congratulations on the baby boy coming soon and Tripp being a big boy. Please tell me how you did it! Walker is neither potty trained nor sleeping in his bed. I've done the treats and all but the boy just doesn't care to do any of it. You and your fam look great! Congrats again and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.