Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in ATL!!!

Trying to make myself keep up with this crazy blog. I hope I can last! Here are our snow pictures. I know everyone is tired of viewing the entire blog world of snow pictures!


Una said...

Aww! How precious is he? I remeber when my sister lived in Atlanta and she used to laugh at how the city would go nuts becasue of a little bit of snow.

Heather said...

UMMM. Just for the record, I will NEVER get tired of looking at blog snow pictures of MY nephew! Don't get to say that very often!!! You can't quit!!! It keeps me smiling to see and here about you guys. I love you all so very much! Kiss Tripp's sweet face for us. Oh, one more thing, I am starting True Spirituality tonight :)! I am sure I will be calling you for a tutorial session. wow.