Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Little Man!

Looking for "panes"! Wow, two posts in one night, that's big time for me. I've been a lazy blogger as of late, but I will try to do better. Tripp is getting so big. He's 17 months now and weighs about 25lb. He's a great little eater and loves all kinds of food. He eats all kinds of our bread products from the store. I think his favorite is the Basil Chicken salad on Cranberry Walnut Bread. He is big talker. He talks all the time...he's my first, but I think he says a lot of words for a 17 month old....or so I've been told. He loves to be outside. He goes to the front door multiple times a day and says "ouside". He loves airplanes. We live near a small airport and planes fly over our house several time a day. He open his mouth wide and points to the sky and say Plane...pronounced "pane"! We usually head to the airport on Sunday afternoons (Since Dave is a pilot, he's thrilled about Tripp's early love of planes) to let Tripp see the planes. They have a cool playground right next to the runway.

Enjoying a peach and chocolate chip muffin from the store...yummy!

As you know I don't scrapbook so I kind of use my blog to capture memories. Therefore I'm going to blog some for Tripp's favorite sayings:

*Anytime you hand him something or he gives you something he says "dere you go"-there you go

*He raises his little hand in the air and says "warrrrrrrr hey"-war eagle hey

*Dave calls him little man so Tripp says "yittle man"

*as mentioned above with his finger pointing to the sky "pane"-plane

*"tuck" -truck and "car"


*he signs all done with his hands and then says "dall done" -all done

*he says hi to everyone

*he signs please and says"pease"-please

*he says "get down" for getting up or down. We're trying to teach him to say up.

*he loves dogs and calls them either "doggy" or "puppy"


*as mentioned above "ouside"-outside

*Our business partners..."Mar"-mark and "inny"-Kenny


*"MeMe"-Dave's Mom,"Milma"-my mom, "Papa"-Dave's Dad, and I'm so proud to say that he recognizes my Dad in pictures and says "PopPop" and then procedes to kiss the picture...stop it....melt my heart!!!!!!

*And he says all the usual "mommy, daddy, uh-oh, tank ooh-thank you"

There's more that I can't think of , but I just wanted to document some of the cute things he's saying right now.

Happy Fall!


The White House said...

yeah, I shed a tear on the pop-pop and kiss the picture phrase!

brandyjones said...

How sweet it is that Tripp knows who his pop-pop is:] Your daddy would be so proud! I love all the little phrases he makes me wish Peyton was still little. "your little man" is getting so big! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures of Tripp as he's growing up. He will really appreciate what you have done for him when he gets older!I love you!

Leigh Ann said...

Hey Teg, Great pics from the beach. You always seem to get wonderful pictures no matter where you go. Maybe you should have gone into photography! Yes, Walker and Addison were praying before their "meal." We always have to hold hands when we pray before we eat. He thinks that's the only way to do it. So cute! I'll miss these days...soon! We just had his 2nd birthday party. I'll post those soon. Take care!

The Hams said...

Don't you just love when they start talking? This is by far the best age with Luke as far as I am concerned!! Tripp is adorable as always and it sounds like you guys are really enjoying Atlanta! Take care!