Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

Why oh why am I about to do this, but here it goes. 100 things about me. Darby tagged Ashley who then tagged me! There will be no rhyme or reason and the events I share will be in no particular order. I better get started...I'm going to be here a while!

1)I was born in LaJolla, CA 1979 and lived there for 6 years!
2)Parents are Tom and Milla Sachs
3)I have a brother, Cord who's married to Heather. They have 4 children.
4)I met my husband David in college.
5)I went to college at Samford University and have a degree in Social Work.
6)I got engaged the night before I graduated from college.
7)I am married to my best friend!
8)I have a little boy name David Lewis Corrie III, but we call him Tripp.
9)People ask me all the time where Tripp came from...even after I tell them he's a third!
10)I knew at a very small age that I wanted to be a Mom and Homemaker!
11)I still went to college and have a degree!
12)I did use that degree for 21/2 years with Child Protective Services as a Social Worker.
13)I loved my job, but love staying home with my baby more!
14)I taught Language Arts to 8th graders for a year as a long-term sub. They had to fire the original teacher.
15)I probably shouldn't have told you you will be watching my grammar.
16)I have been married 61/2 years.
17)We have moved 5 times in six years.
18)I love to run and lift weights.
19)Once I start working out, I take it very seriously and feel bad if I miss a workout, this is probably not a good thing, but it keeps me motivated. I think I enjoy the benefits of working out more then the actual workout!
20)As I've gotten older I've become a little bit of a wuss!
21)I used to not be scared of anything...scary movies, jumping off cliffs etc.
22)I jumped off a 50ft. cliff into the lake 6 times one summer.
23)I won't jump off cliffs or watch scary movies anymore. I won't even watch commercials that promote scary movies(I guess that would be called a trailer) I hide my face!
24)I watched my Dad die!
25)It was the most terrifying yet amazing time in my life. Amazing because he was home and suffering no more!
26)I was holding his hand and the next hand he touched was Jesus'!
27)That takes my breath away!
28)I literally spent two months with my Dad rarely leaving his side....I am eternally grateful for this!
29)I am a believer in Jesus Christ and WILL see my Dad again!
30)The last church that David and I were involved(I say involved b/c we moved before we could join) in was West End Presbyterian (PCA) in Richmond, VA. We loved this church!
31)We are currently searching for a new church in Nashville, TN.
32) We have visited SEVERAL churches and are still praying about where we belong!
33)I grew up in Guntersville, AL
34)I was a cheerleader, played volleyball, and played tennis in High School!
35)I was a member of various clubs, but couldn't name one of them.
36)Yes I can, Anchor Club and National Honors Society (Is that a club?)
37)I'm not very introspective, so this is hard.
38)I grew up living on Lake Guntersville!
39)I now look back and realize that I took this for granted!
40)I can slalom ski and do various water sports!
41)My husband is one of the best wake boarders I know! He passed the "lake" test with flying colors!
42) People think that I am an extrovert, but I'm much more introverted then people think. I'm very out going with people that I know.
43)I have to work really hard on making new friends...not because I'm not a good friend, I just wait for someone else to initiate.
44)This is not a good thing when you've moved to 5 different states in 6 years.
45)If anyone wants to make the first move in being my friend, I'm available! Hehe
46)This sounds very desperate!
47)My husband is one of the hardest workers I know and he is the best Dad. There is nothing he won't do for Tripp. He even does bath time, diapers, bed time, etc.
48)My Mom made every single birthday cake when I was little! One time she made a cake that in every slice there was a prize! I'm still amazed to this day with that cake.
49)I change my sheets EVERY Friday!!!! I'm scared of bed bugs!
50)I LOVE good food!
51)I cook almost every night...except weekends! I cook pretty healthy food, but it's still really yummy!
52)I do not like mint candy or mint sweets of any kind!!!! Especially mint and chocolate together, this includes ice cream!
53)I only like mint toothpaste and mint flavored gum. I can't stand fruity toothpaste or gum!
54)I hate watermelon! This makes me sad....every summer I still try it just to make sure I really don't like it. I really want to like it! I looks so good and juicy in the summer time. My brother doesn't like it either!
55)I really want to complete a marathon...but I'm too scared to try.
56)I've done a 1/2 marathon and loved it!
57)I consider myself a pretty athletic person!
58)However, I'm terrible at Mountain Biking!!!! One summer we were in Aspen Colorado with Dave's family, and I decided to go mountain biking with the guys! I really thought that since I was athletic and pretty coordinated, I could hang. WRONG! We took the ski lift (with our bikes) to the top of a mountain and proceeded down! The very first curve, my body went straight and the bike took the curve without me! I fell 8 times down the mountain. Never again!
59)I'm very competitive when it comes to sports!
60)I love Auburn football!
61)I was going to Auburn up until the very last minute and I changed my mind! Glad I did because I met my husband...
62)I wish I was crafty!
63)I hate to scrap book! I think people who do are great and very talented. I would rather mop my floor!
64)I grew up with horses! I loved horseback riding growing up. Not so much anymore! I just don't have the time. I really want Tripp to love horses!
65)I love to snow ski!
66)Personally, I think Vail Colorado is the best place to ski in the world!
67)I've been going to Vail to ski since I was two!
68)I can't snow board! Wish I could! I've never even tried.....I don't want to waste any ski days trying to learn.
69)David and I are trying to memorize more scripture using the Topical Memory System by the
Navigators. It's really awesome!
70)I've known the Lord for as long as I can remember, however I think I truly gave my life to the Lord in the seventh grade. That's when I had a "life change"!
71)I threw up for eight months when I was pregnant with Tripp!
72)Sometime 6 times a day!
73)I talk or email with my mom several time a day.
74)I'm close with ALL of my sister-in-laws! I have four!
75)I have 17 nieces and nephews!
76)I want to have more children!
77)I love Mexican food!
78)When we lived in California, a Hispanic lady named Polle lived with us! She made all of my baby food which was mostly Mexican food. She taught my Mom to cook authentic Mexican food. I guess that's why I'm a huge fan!
79)We were not rich and she was not my nanny! I'm still not sure why she lived with us???!!!
80)I don't like Starbucks coffee...I used to, but something just doesn't taste right to me! I'm confused myself??!
81)I love a good cup of coffee from my Capresso Coffee maker. It grinds the beans and makes the coffee! I like creamer in my coffee...I'm in to French Vanilla and Hazelnut these days.
82)I love to go out to eat to nice gourmet restaurants (which we don't do much)!
83 At nice restaurants, I always order dessert and coffee...even if I'm full!
84)I can't go to sleep at night without Chapstick on my lips and water next to my bed.
85)This drives my husband nuts!
86)I inherited the water thing from my Mom.
87)I love to watch movies in bed!
88)My favorite movie is Legends of the Fall....I don't know's the most depressing movie I've ever seen.
89)I feel like I do a pretty good job of bargain shopping. Except for jeans
90)I love jeans and have way too many in my closet. My current favorite brand are Joe's!
91)I love Target and Forever 21!
92)Target is NOT cheap....forever 21 is cheaper then Target!
93)I once went on a business trip with my husband and there were other wives there who ONLY wore designer clothing. When they would compliment me on an outfit, I got the biggest kick out of saying it came from Target. You should have seen them try to have a polite response.
94)Don't get me wrong, I love designer clothes, just can't afford them (minus the jeans and an occasional top)
95)I have a friend in California who can afford them and she sends me hand-me-downs all the time. Sometimes with the tags still on them! I love it!!!!!
96)If I could, I would get a pedicure every two weeks. I don't care anything about a manicure!
97)The last time I had a pedicure was in November 2007 before Mary Burrett Wyatt's wedding!
98)I really want one now!
99)I was a Chi Omega at Samford!
100)My husband and I still wish we were in college!

I know that was really boring and if you read the whole thing, I'm impressed! That was really hard for me to do, but I wanted to participate! I worked on it for two days! I'm going to tag
Abby and Valerie! I know you two can do much better then I just did! Have fun!


Ashley said...

Oh, I am so glad that you did! I loved reading these, even though I knew almost every one of them. I laughed out loud when you said you were not rich and not sure why the Mexican lady lived with ya'll in CA (which I didn't know)! I will add a few, just to get back at you:

101. I made fun of Ashley's big hair, and her rabbit in the 1st grade (Ed). I will regret it.
102. I dated a a guy named Mitch who was nothing like my now-husband.
103. Once, I told Ashley that my neighbors were scary crazy people and then set them up to come chase after us with chainsaws. Ashley ran all the way inside the house crying and locked herself in the bathroom.

Love you!

elizabeth cameron said...

i have to have chapstick on and water by the bed every night too!

our pediatrician asked me the other day if i got my purse at this really nice boutique in memphis and i was happy to say that it came from target!

Tegan said...

Ashley...I can't believe I did those things. I was telling David about the night that John Richter and I set the neighbors up to scare us. I was such a mean friend! I am so sorry! I was dying laughing reading your comments. Seriously, did we have to bring up Mitch????? Thanks, don't worry, I won't mention any names...Kevin???!!!!!!

Elizabeth....and I thought I was the only one who had to have chap stick and water!!!

Kitty Brown said...

I have never seen that many exclamation marks in my life -- you crack me up, Tegan! Great 100!

Lisa said...

Tegan- you are sooo hilarious. I was cracking up at the exclamation points, too! I learned some funny things about you. (I was surprised that there weren't any mentions of your cat with the bulging eyeballs!) Thank goodness I don't have a blog so I can't be tagged....but I am looking forward to Valerie's list!!
Love you

caroline G said...

I love your list! I love that you hate scrapbooking. I do too. Why do I even carry a camera??

Tyne White said...

Tegan, that is so funny! I just tagged you on my blog and then went to post it on your blog and this was the first thing that popped up. Oh well, if you don't want to play tag again, that's okay... my game is only six letters.

Courtney said...

yay, tegan! these were fun to read. i HAVE to have chapstick on and water by the bed every night too! anyone who has ever lived with me knows this! i also LOVE some target and forever 21, and of course, leland and i wish we were still in college too. good times...

Amy said...

Ok,that was fun,and yes I read all 100! I did not know all those things about you, so it was very enlightening. I can't beleive you would rather mop your floor than scrapbook - that is offensive!. You can send Trip to my house to see pictures of himself growing up with Tim and Val's kids!
No joke.. he has a page in my scrapbook.I will agree with you Target and Forever 21 are the best!!
Love you,

Shannon said...

Loved your list! It was fun to read. We would definitely be "real life" friends if we lived closer! My parents are still in maybe one day!

jeana said...

Hey Tegan! I enjoyed reading your blog tonight and am glad to know you better! You seem just as sweet as I thought you were (or are??- speaking of grammar, I don't know how to say that!) ... anyway, thanks for sharing- God really shines through you and your family!

Ang said...

okay, maybe i WAS one of those designer clothes wives you commented about, teg!?!? your target clothes weren't really what i was complimenting on, it's that smokin' hot body you were sportin'!!!! my favorite thing about you??? ALL of the 100 comments + ashley's 101, 102, and 103!!!! missing you!!!

Melissa P. said...

great list..i had a hard time doing mine, but was glad to...i think i learned new things about myself!

and i am the same about chapstick and makes andy crazy as well.

whitney burrough akin said...

i LOVED your list. i didn't want it to end at 100. thanks for sharing....ditto on the chapstick/water and on going back to college...i have never known anyone who hated watermelon...good to know.
love ya. looking forward to being real life nashville friends one day (in 2.3 years). you'll still be there right?

Jason White Family said...

Tegan, I am so glad that you posted a comment! I, too, frequently stop by your blog by way of others'. I love to see what Tripp is up to, because I knew that he and Collier were very close in age. He is so very cute! Keep in touch! -Stacey

Abby Maddox said...

I just wanted to say that I loved reading these the other day, and I am going to do mine ASAP!

Milla said...

This is a completely random comment, but I linked to your blog through Ashley's, and I noticed that your mom's name is Milla! I've never met anyone else with my name, and I wonder where her name came from? Is it a family name? That's very cool!