Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun 2009

Tripp had a blast this Halloween! He dressed up as a Fireman and before heading over to our friend's Halloween Party, we stopped off at the Fire station. The Brookhaven Fire Dept. was so awesome and gave Tripp star treatment. He tried on all the fireman equipment and got inside the fire truck to "honk" the horn! Such fun! He had so much fun trick or treating despite the cold, rainy weather.Looking at his yummy candy corn!Had a hard time uploading this picture because I look gigantic!!! Just call me "big mama"! It was the only decent family picture. It was cold and rainy outside!Tripp's best buddy, Porter!
My little proud fireman!


Ashley said...

LOVE it! YOU and the baby and the fireman! Tripp looks so grown up in his jacket and hat - and you guys look cute in front of the truck. Oh, Teg, that shirt went a lot of places w/ me over 9 months. Have a good week!

Abby Maddox said...

You look ADORABLE!!! and so does your little fireman :)

brandyjones said... DO NOT look gigantic! You look BEAUTIFUL! And Tripp looks so cute, and so grown up-such a big boy!

Lisa said...

OH MY WORD!!! My heart is melting....brings back memories of Andy roo!!! Tripp looks so sweet! Love the idea of the fire truck with the precious.

Heather said...

OHHHH so cute!! I want to eat him up! And you too! I haven't seen your bump! Its very cute and tiny compared to mine. And for the record. My kids DO CALL ME BIG MAMA!!! Especially Saddler who demands that i in turn call her "precious butterfly". mmmm. You just cant make stuff like that up. Nope. Love you! Hope to get back to blogging soon and post pics of our memorable halloween!!