Monday, May 11, 2009

Tripp turned TWO!!!!!!!

My sweet boy turned two on April 27th! He had a John Deere birthday party. He's really into tractors these days. He had so much fun, and the highlight of the party was his John Deere Gator that Mimi and Papa bought him! There's a picture of it at the bottom. I can't believe he's two. It seems like yesterday we were praying God would bless us with a precious baby. The Lord outdid himself with this little guy. He brings us so much joy! We love you little man!!!!


Courtney said...

He's getting so big!! Looks like such a fun birthday party!! Hope all is well!

Ashley said...

We love our Tripp! Precious! And it was great to see BOTH of you this weekend! Praying for y'all!