Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis' the Season

Tripp and I have been at my Mom's for the week and we've had lots of fun. Dave finally joined us this weekend. We were ready to see him! We've decorated the tree, gone to the Guntersville Christmas parade, and played with our cousins. Heather and the kids joined us for part of the time too!
He's seems like such a big boy now...he wanted to have a little snack on the coffee table.
Tripp was trying to hula-hoop like Saddler and Ellie!
Helping Milma decorate...
The Christmas parade was so COLD!!!! Tripp sat in Papa's lap the entire parade, he loved it!
How adorable are my nieces and nephews!!!! Tripp LOVES them and I mean LOVES them. He cannot get enough of them. The play so hard together. Look closely at Judson (aka. Jud Bud), he so cute. He's the best little guy, such a little trooper.
My little man!!!!
I love my sister-in-law, Heather!!! We had so much fun this weekend!
Tripp likes to hang out on Daddy's shoulders!


The White House said...

So precious. I love those pictures. I cannot believe how much Cord's oldest son looks like him- it is crazy!

thevolbedas said...

great hearing from you! tripp is adorable. your store sounds wonderful. i'm not usually in atlanta but if i ever am i'll be sure to stop by! have a wonderful christmas!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures!! Its unbelievable HOW MUCH Tripp and Jeremiah resemble each other!!!
Love and miss you!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad I got to see you, friend! You guys were TOO fun! And, Adam and I almost drove over to the parade ourselves, but we had another engagement!

Abby Maddox said...

You all look so cute and so happy...Can I can join your family?:)

brandyjones said...

milma's tree is beautiful!
even prettier with little Tripp standing beside it!
hope you and your family have a very
blessed and Merry Christmas!!!
i love you!!!

Heather said...

Oh!!! I want a do-over! It was soooo much fun being with yall! I'm ready to get together again :) The kids and I were missing Tripp today as we saw a "pane" flying overhead.He's growing up so fast and I am so proud of him. His manners and obedience is really remarkable. You are a great great mom! (AS if there were ever any doubt you would be)
Love love love the pictures! except for the one with my stay-puff hat on...i look like a giant smore. ANyway. Love you ! Great synopsis of the Christmas Holidays!